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Percussion Concerts
About Groovetrotters
world music percussion theatre


Claudio Spieler: percussion, vocal percussion
Johannes Bohun: percussion, body percussion

World percussionist Claudio Spieler (Tevana, Ragga Gröndal) and drummer and body percussionist Johannes Bohun (STOMP, Body Rhythm Factory, Funky Currywurst Brothers) first met each other in the summer of 2012. While teaching at the Austrian Percussion Camp, they discovered that the South Indian rhythm language “Konnakol” and body percussion were a great match, just as their sense of humor and passion for music. They shared the idea that rhythm is a universal language.

Without words and with contagious joy, Claudio Spieler and Johannes Bohun (YoYo) tell the adventurous story of two voyagers. On their fantastic journey the two musical globetrotters not only get to know each other, but also learn about the versatile world of rhythm. As travel mates they pass through different stages of friendship: being strangers at first, then starting to feel sympathy, challenging each other, listening in silence, wildly having fun, expressing sadness and joy. Embedding all their feelings in a universe of sound, the Groovetrotters create an educational, entertaining, interactive and humorous percussion concert for a young audience.

Takadimi Takadimi
Boom Boom Clack …
Coming from different backgrounds, Claudio and YoYo add their own rhythmical "spices" to the music and build a bridge from traditional South Indian rhythms to the urban grooves of New York's subway stations. Their powerful playing and cheerful conversations through body music are captivating and exciting. During their performance, they invite their young listeners to join them in stomping, clapping, singing and dancing along.
The audience will experience and enjoy music actively.

Bambarakiti kitibambara …
Enjoy the rhythmical delights freshly served by the Groovetrotters!

Claudio Spieler - percussion, vocal percussion
Johannes Bohun - percussion, body percussion

Claudio Spieler

Claudio discovered his passion for rhythm at the age of seven. Trained as a classical percussionist in Austria and after eight years (2004-2012) of private studies in the traditional way with Afghan master percussionist Hakim Ludin, he is now developing his own musical voice in the field of contemporary world percussion.

Claudio has been touring and recording studio albums in a wide variety of styles such as Indian music, flamenco, jazz, Afro-Cuban music, fusion and Icelandic music, with his current ensembles Tevana, Ragga Gröndal Trio, Groovetrotters, Barokan, World of Strings, etc. Due to his comprehensive rhythmic skills and his musical sensibility he had the opportunity to work with international artists such as Peter Madsen, Karuna Moorthy, Phil Maturano, Karen Lugo, Maria Mezcle, Raquel Villegas Gómez, Tania Kross, Abbos Kosimov and many more; he has been invited to perform at well-known festivals like Reykjavik Jazz Festival, Flamenco Biënnale Netherlands, Airwaves Iceland, Spanisches Filmfest Berlin, Bregenzer Festspiele, etc.

His lively way of teaching and years of experience make him a highly requested percussion teacher and author all over Europe.

Johannes Bohun

Johannes Bohun, born in 1978 in Vienna, Austria. He studied music at the Conservatory of Vienna, from where he graduated summa cum laude. He played drums in different bands and theater productions before he started touring on four continents with STOMP in 2001. 2006 he was invited to be part of the original cast of Pandemonium, a new orchestral show by the makers of STOMP (which also completed a series of sell-out shows at Sydney Opera House).

Since 2006 Johannes has been working as a composer and choreographer, giving workshops and seminars all over Europe, realizing music projects with youth groups and school classes in Austria, Switzerland and France as well as performing with different ensembles like STOMP and Body Rhythm Factory, but specially, since 2015, with his two duo shows Funky Currwurstbrothers and Groovetrotters. Johannes is based in Vienna, Austria.

Johannes Bohun

The Groovetrotters

Groovetrotters performed at venues and festivals like: Konzerthaus Wien, Mozarteum Salzburg, Musikverein Graz, BUMfest Slowenien, Treibhaus Innsbruck, KOMMA Wörgl, CMA Ossiach, Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Jazzclub Karlsruhe, Tollhaus Karlsruhe


Claudio Spieler

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